An electric bike is anything you want it to be! It is your taste of freedom, feeling the wind through your hair, getting the buzz of riding a new trail, or just a leisurely ride in a new area, an electric bike is a perfect way to enjoy any journey. 

Have you ever wanted your ride to not end? Well, an electric bike is giving you the opportunity to ride longer and further with an electric motor and battery. You are gaining that exercise without even knowing by having to pedal to get that assistance! With different modes you can adjust to whatever terrain you are riding, so it allows you to take in the scenery and concentrate on your journey rather than the destination. 

We have a range of full-suspension e-bikes for those who are looking at sending those hard-core trails where you will need the help of having both a rear and front suspension.  
Or if you are looking to relish in versatile off-road terrain or lighter trail riding, then our range of hardtail e-bikes will be a great option.

If you are new to the electric bike world then have no fear, we understand that it can get technical but that is what we are here for! Our range of premium e-bikes has been carefully selected by our knowledgeable, experienced team who are riders themselves and have been in the industry for many years, so we can help you choose the bike which is right for you.