Kinetic Revolution Profile

Bike riding is a passion for us.
To us it’s not just about getting from A to B, it’s about the journey. It’s about those forever moments you experience out on your bike, whether you’re riding solo or in a group of bike minded people.
So we sat down and had a think about how we can use what we’ve learned in 40 years of bike retail to best infuse others with our passion for cycling.
And that’s how we came up with: Kinetic Revolution.
We wanted to create something unique, something new in the bike world: a collection of the finest e-MTBs, Apparel, Parts & Accessories in existence from the biggest brands in the world, a hand-picked and carefully curated selection of what we would ride or wear ourselves.
And to make sure that they’re showcased properly we’ve created the perfect environment with our purpose-built Kinetic Store. It's an immersive, sensory experience like no other in the UK.


We love when people get out of their cars and onto bikes. It’s good for the environment, good for our mental health and it makes us feel like we have more control over our lives.
To start you on your journey we’ve got an exceptional range of e-MTBs and Parts and Accessories from the biggest names in the world;
Cannondale, GasGas, Giant, Haibike, Husqvana, Madison, Pivot, POC, Santa Cruz, Specialized and others, giving you the ability to choose what’s right for you.
And as we’ve either ridden it or worn it we can give you the low down and make sure that the bike you choose is right for you.
One we’ve paired you with your perfect ride our journey together doesn’t end there.
And like your parent holding the saddle as you learned to ride: We’ll always be on hand to keep you rolling. With free tune-ups, expert advice and a personalised service experience: this is something else unique that we’re offering. It’s a service package tailored specifically to you and your bike, where you are the priority and keeping you riding is the ultimate aim.


Our brand new, state of the art showroom provides the perfect environment to get up close and personal with the latest cutting-edge E-MTBs and equipment. But we wanted to go beyond that, we wanted to offer something unique to the UK.

One of the ways we do that is to give you a bespoke personalised service.
When you order your bike from us our journey starts together:

  • We’ll book a time with you and you can watch your bike being built, live, with our technicians walking you through the process and answering any questions.
  • When you come to collect your bike we’ll book a hand over time with you and spend that time making sure it fits you like a glove and that you have everything you could possibly need to start your new journey. A personalised one to one hand over.
  • We’ll be in regular contact with you to make sure that everything’s OK with your bike and more importantly: you. We’ll help address any minor problems or questions you might have so that you can keep rolling.

Our considerable experience has taught us that buying a bike is only the beginning of your journey, so we’ll be right there with you every push of the pedals.

“Enthusiasm is the electricity of life.― Gordon Park